Apps 400 review

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Why one more app for photos and videos?

There are several reason which makes this app different than others.

– Secures that photos and videos are uploaded from the location where they are captured.

– Gives you ability to make memories for yourself (private) or for all other users (public). On that way you can go back in time and check your memories for the places you visited: Also others can see how it looked at that time of the year.

– You can even use this app to make virtual advertising for your business. You can take photos and videos, write some comments and upload on the place of your business. It can be restaurant, coffee bar, hairdresser, anything. Visitor can download your photos and videos and see how it looks.

– There are 4 filters for each season so you can filter summer, winter, spring or autumn – for certain place. You can see during winter how some place (street, square, restaurant, club etc.) looks in the summer. There is also a filter by custom dates.

Create your own virtual gallery using augmented reality

You can see photos and videos on standard way or if you find yourself in some place like park, not crowded street or square you can explore downloaded photos and videos in a more attractive way. Like a gallery hanging in the air. You can walk near the photos and videos, zoom in and out. You can also go through the photos πŸ˜€.

Note: It doesn’t work in the dark, but there is an indicator in the header about light intensity.

Why subscription?

(Please take some time to see what we have to say, thx!)

– App provides 2 months of grace period so you don’t have to make subscription and when you do subscribe you will still have 3 months of free period. In total you can have 5 months of free. Plus some features are disabled after that period, not all. Finally if you don’t find this app useful you can cancel subscription at any time.

– Since today privacy is one of the most important things we did not link it with social networks. We hope, even if our database is very small at the day of release, you will continue to use the app and hopefully our database with photos and videos will grow in time.

– Until then you can use the app for your own fun, to post photos and videos for the places you visited.

– We have to have subscription even if we don’t like it. Running database with photos and videos is not free. Choosing between free option, in which users are products, and subscription we chose subscription.


– Users are hidden behind key generated by server. There are no real names, nobody knows who made photo or video, unless you want that by making selfie and writing in the comment.

– Only owner can write comments. We took this approach because sometimes users, hidden behind anonymity, write improper comments. The purpose of this app is no “competition” in commenting but in making memories for certain locations.

– After all if you want some photo or video to be visible only for you, you can set it as private.

– We are only collecting number of active users for analytics and we don’t know exact location or user’s id.